intelligent movement

~ Hi, I am Matthew Kael.
I use technology to create experiences of flow.

what is flow?

Flow is a word that is hard to define, but easy to recognize when you’re in it. We tend to talk about flow in terms of experiences. Athletes will talk about an out of body experience when they “get in the zone”. Artists of all sorts (painters, musicians, product designers) will talk about the ecstatic state of flow they enter when performing their best work. But what is it?

I find it helpful to think of flow as a type of intelligence, and more generally, I view intelligence as movement. Anything that moves is intelligent, and the way an entity moves defines it’s intelligence. Movement can be external, like the way we move our bodies, or internal, like the way we move our minds. In this context, I view flow as a special type of intelligent movement.

In this portal, we’ll be exploring the movement patterns that give rise to flow. To begin, we’ll need a definition of intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Will AI surpass human intelligence? Before we can answer this, we need to have a common definition of intelligence. Here we explore the role of our body and nervous system in producing movement patterns that give rise to intelligence.

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